Madison County CERT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community. We provide a variety of training to the community on everything from emergency medicine and fire/hazmat awareness to leadership and communications.         

CERT basic training consists of nine classes.   

Disaster Awareness

In this class, students learn about different types of disasters, and students learn how to prepare for disasters (what they should have in their kit and what plans they should have in place).     


Fire and Hazmat Awareness 

Students will learn about hazards that may lead to a fire, different types of fire, and how to put out small fires. Students will also learn about hazardous materials, how to recognize a spill or contamination, and how to notify authorities.     

Medical 1

Medical 1 covers basic life-saving interventions including bleeding control, airway management, treating shock, treating for anaphylaxis, and more. Students also learn about triage (sorting patients).       


Medical 2

This class covers patient assessment (basic vitals, head to toe assessment, and sample history) and secondary treatments (splinting, environmental emergencies, wound treatment).

Search and Rescue

This class covers locating patients and rescue techniques, improvising litters, using commercial litters, triangulation, and search patterns.   

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CERT Organization/ICS

In this class, students learn about the Incident Command System and leadership.   

Disaster Psychology

In this class, students learn about the psychology of responders and patients during emergencies, why patients may become angry, how to cope with mental trauma, and how to protect yourself.   

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Terrorism Awareness

This class covers the different forms of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and how to recognize a potential threat.   

Disaster Drill

This is a drill to allow students to practice the skills they've learned.